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  • If you are working on your idea that you feel would make a mark in the field of medicine or sciences, time is your greatest nemesis.

  • Your project needs funding to keep going, and you have considered a medical startup grant as part of your money source, but you don’t want to stop and spend 3-4 months researching and writing a proposal, or you don’t know how to begin.

  • Your mentors have suggested that you’re “A” round funding will be necessary in a few months but you don’t know how to start.

                                                Let GMM Grant Services help you.

When you are looking for medical startup grant writing in Houston, choose us at GMM Grant Services our grant acceptance is many times the national average. GMM Grant Services puts the time in at the beginning of the relationship. We take the time to understand your project so we can marry your science with the proper funding sources. When your proposal is written, the grantor has a full understanding of your project, and rarely  seeks clarification, this saves time. 
The resources we bring to each project allows us to select our customers with discretion. GMM Grant Services specialize in medical startup grant writing because we feel being on the forefront of the future needs your full attention. Contact us, so we can begin our partnership and get you on the way to fulfilling your dream.